2022 Sermons Date Audio
Just a Cup of Cold Water - Daniel12-25-22
What is the Perfect Gift? - Daniel12-25-22
David Speaks About His Son - Guy12-18-22
What About the Money Plate? - Daniel12-18-22
Removing "Can't" From Your Vocabulary  - Daniel12-11-22
When Prayer Goes Unanswered - Daniel12-11-22
Why Did He Do It? - Matt12-04-22
The Power of Prayer - Daniel11-28-22
The Ones Behind the Scene - Daniel11-28-22
Rescue the Perishing - Guy11-20-22
How Does God Expect Us to Sing - Daniel11-20-22
Question You Are Not Asking - Al11-13-22
What Would God Want of Me? - Stuart11-13-22
How Will You be Remembered? - Guy11-06-22
The Christian Mask - Daniel10-30-22
Preparations for Lords Communion - Daniel10-30-22
Understanding the Avenue of Prayer - Daniel10-23-22
It’s not the Place but It's How we Worship - Daniel10-23-22
Lord to Whom Shall We Go? - Guy10-16-22
Worship or Attendance? - Daniel10-16-22
Dealing with Anxiety - Daniel10-09-22
Heavenly Reunion - Daniel10-09-22
It's Not How You Start, It's How You Finish - Mitch Dalrymple10-05-22
Suffering - Mitch Dalrymple10-04-22
Temperance - Mitch Dalrymple10-03-22
Lessons From Soloman's Great Judgement - Mitch Dalrymple10-02-22
The Impact of One Decision - Mitch Dalrymple10-02-22
He Brought Me Out of A Horrible Pit - Daniel9-25-22
Godly Fear - Daniel9-18-22
Where Are You - Daniel9-18-22
Making Proper Adjustments - Daniel9-11-22
Thirst for God’s Service - Daniel9-11-22
Singing - Sep 20229-04-22
Rebuilding the Wall - Daniel9-04-22
Make No Excuses - Guy8-28-22
The Line Starts Here - Matt8-28-22
John the Baptist - Guy8-21-22
Road to Emmaus - Al8-21-22
The Rock - Braden8-14-22
If We Miss Heaven, We've Missed It All - Stuart8-14-22
Annual Singing8-13-22
Singing - Aug 2022 8-07-22
Where I Am You Shall Be Also - Guy8-07-22
The Ten Plagues - Stuart7-31-22
Making O'Neal Stronger One Member at a Time - Matt 7-31-22
Three Ways to Help Someone Get to Heaven7-24-22
Give To God What Belongs to Him - Joshua Webber7-24-22
Daniel - Guy7-17-22
Do We Need to Talk? - Al7-17-22
Donkey Christianity - Daniel Tucker7-10-22
Is Anything to Hard for the Lord? - Daniel Tucker7-10-22
How Great Thou Are - Guy7-03-22
God Is There - Mike6-26-22
Last Words of Three Men  - Mike6-26-22
Things We Need to Put Away - Guy6-19-22
The Father - Running to Reconcile  - Mike6-19-22
The Handwriting of God - Mike6-12-22
The Stones That Crused Stephen - Mike6-12-22
Be a Champion - Faith - Al6-10-22
Be a Champion - Leadership - Matt6-09-22
Be a Champion - Devotion - Stuart6-08-22
Be a Champion - Selflessness - Mike6-07-22
Be A Champion - Togetherness - Guy6-06-22
Singing - June 2022 6-05-22
If I Am Lost, Who Would I Blame? - Guy6-05-22
When Death Loses its Power - Jared Hagan5-29-22
Lessons from the Thief - Jared Hagan5-29-22
Dangerous Sins: The Love of Money - Mitch Dalrymple5-22-22
The First Step: Hearing - Mitch Dalrymple5-22-22
Who Will Stand? - Guy`5-15-22
Pilate's Dilemma - Mike5-15-22
38 Years is a Long Time - Mike  5-08-22
Carry Him To His Mother - Mike5-08-22
Singing - May 2022
Lamentations - Guy
Mine Eyes  on The Hills
Put Your Finger on the Passage - Mike 4-24-22
Drawing People unto Christ - Guy 4-17-22
God Turns Crucifixions into Resurrections - Mike
Works of Cheer From The Man of Sorrows - Mike4-10-22
The Lamps Put Out - Mike4-10-22
Singing - Apr. 20224-03-22
In Times Like These - Guy4-03-22
Things Look Different From Calvary - Mike3-27-22
The Vision of Dry Bones - Mike3-27-22
Stumbling Blocks - Guy3-20-22
Opportunities - Stuart3-20-22
Garments - Josiah Peeler3-13-22
He Sighed and Looked Up - Mike3-13-22
Living in the Kingdom - Mitch Davis3-09-22
Access to the Kingdom of God - Mitch Davis3-08-22
Appreciating Diversity Within God's Kingdom - Mitch Davis3-07-22
Tradition vs Traditionalism - Mitch Davis3-06-22
Why The Kingdom Matters to You - Mitch Davis3-06-22
Though He Slay Me,Yet Will I Trust Him - Mike2-27-22
Why So Few Conversions - Mike2-27-22
What Lack l Yet? - Guy2-20-22
Dealing with Church Problems - Mike2-20-22
Touches of Calvary - Mike2-13-22
What Kind of Heart Do You Have? - Mike2-13-22
The Shout of Joy and the Noise of Weeping - Mike2-06-22
I Will Be With You Always - Guy2-06-22
Christianity - Identify - Mike1-30-22
Do You Want to Become Great in the Kingdom? - Mike1-30-22
These Things Which You See - Mike1-26-22
I Am What I Am by the Grace of God - Mike1-23-22
Drop Your Stones - Mike1-23-22
The Sweet Psalmist of Israel 1-16-22
The God of the Second Chance - Mike1-16-22
Scars - Matt 1-9-22
The Powerful God We Serve - Guy1-9-22
Singing - January 20221-2-22
Contenders or Pretender - Guy1-2-22

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