2024 Sermons Date Audio
What is Holding you Back? - Daniel05-19-24
The Prodigal's Father - Daniel05-19-24
To God be the Glory - Daniel05-12-24
A Mother Who Made a Difference in a Time of Evil - Daniel05-12-24
Those Who Haven't Seen and Yet Believed - Jason Shackleford05-05-24
Where Are You Leading Them? - Daniel04-28-24
Single Christians - Daniel04-21-24
Events that can’t be Ignored - Daniel04-14-24
A Mesage to Wives - Daniel04-14-24
If A Man Die, Shall He Live Again? - Guy04-07-24
Put Down the Stone - Daniel03-31-24
Will You Marry Me? - Daniel03-31-24
Expect the Impossible without the Essential - Daniel03-25-24
Husbands Love your  Wife as Christ Loves the Church - Daniel03-25-24
Paul's Conversion - Stuart03-17-24
A Stable/Godly Marriage - Daniel03-17-24
Difference Makers - Daniel03-10-24
Is Jesus in your Home? - Daniel03-10-24
The Death of Jesus - Kasey Harbin03-06-24
Acts of the Apostles - Kasey Harbin03-05-24
Shama  - Kasey Harbin03-04-24
Simon of Cyrene  - Kasey Harbin03-03-24
Enoch - Kasey Harbin03-03-24
Light On Hill, Individual Perspective - Matt02-25-24
Is This How Failth Works  - Stuart02-25-24
4 Random questions - Al02-18-24
Is Jesus In Your Home - Daniel02-18-24
Would You Have Believed - Daniel02-11-24
God Give Us Christian Homes - Daniel02-11-24
A City on a Hill - Matt02-04-24
Jonah Flight from Duty - Daniel01-28-24
God loves Christian Homes - Daniel01-28-24
Gird up the loins of your mind - Daniel01-21-24
Becoming God's Masterpiece - Stuart01-14-24
A Time to Heal - Al01-14-24
What God Expects from You - Guy01-07-24


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