2023 Sermons Date Audio
Are You an Authentic Christian? - Daniel12-24-23
The Serenity Prayer - Daniel12-24-23
Reap What You Sow - Guy12-17-23
Leading Me to Calvary - Daniel12-17-23
Seasonal Christians - Daniel12-10-23
The Dangers of Evil Peer Pressure  -  Daniel12-10-23
How Will You be Remembered? - Guy12-03-23
How Close are You? -  Daniel11-2623
Passing the Baton - Daniel11-26-23
- Guy11-19-23
God's Family - Daniel11-19-23
- Daniel11-12-23
Run to Win - Daniel11-12-23
How Blessed are You? - Matt11-05-23
 - Daniel10-29-23
Is the Church of Christ a Denominatio- Daniel
Flexible Christian - Daniel10-22-23
Surviving the Storms of Life - Daniel10-22-23
Friends - Al10-15-23
Burdens - Stuart10-15-23
Letter to Philemon - Daniel10-08-23
Failing to see Jesus in our everyday life - Daniel10-08-23
Marriage  - Lowell Sallee10-04-23
Forgiveness  - Lowell Sallee10-03-23
Does It Matter (part 3)  - Lowell Sallee10-02-23
Does It Matter (part 2)  - Lowell Sallee10-02-23
Does It Matter (part 1)  - Lowell Sallee10-02-23
Fishers of Men - Lowell Sallee10-01-23
Same Care for One Another - Lowell Sallee10-01-23
Priority’s - Daniel09-24-23
Characters around the Cross - Daniel09-24-23
Forgiveness - Al09-17-23
Living where it’s not comfortable - Daniel09-17-23
Consequences - Daniel09-10-23
Running from the Presents of GOd - Daniel09-10-23
Is the Bible True? - Stuart09-03-23
Bought at a Price - Daniel08-27-23
Lessons From an Old Cemetery - Daniel08-27-23
Thoughts for my Kids - Matt08-20-23
Hear Am I Lord - Daniel08-20-23
Looking Past the Fog - Daniel08-13-23
Room in God’s Kingdom - Daniel08-13-23
Annual Singing08-12-23
In Search of Something More -  Daniel08-06-23
Cast Out the Beam -  Daniel07-30-23
I believe in you - Daniel07-30-23
The Danger of Falsehoods - Daniel07-23-23
When Tablets of Stone Become Desires of the Heart - Daniel07-23-23
Worthy - Guy07-16-23
Would you Forsake your own Mercy -Daniel07-16-23
If you believe with all your heart you may -Daniel07-09-23
The parable of the great banquet - Guy07-02-23
Sorry or Penitent - Daniel06-25-23
Come and See - Daniel06-25-23
The Abundant life - Guy06-18-23
Normal men who were great Godly fathers - Daniel06-18-23
We all need a badge of courage - Stuart 06-11-23
The Mighty Three - Matt06-11-23
Is Your Heart Right with GOD? - Guy06-04-23
Is It Right to Question God? - Daniel05-28-23
Why did first century church grow so fast? - Daniel05-28-23
Are you prepared to meet thy God - Guy05-21-23
The Church’s Responsibility to It’s leaders - Daniel05-21-23
Struggling with a God you don’t know - Daniel05-14-23
The Wives of our leaders - Daniel05-14-23
Do All We Can for the Lord - Guy05-07-23
The Hereafter - Daniel04-30-23
The Position of Deacons - Daniel04-30-23
The Other Two Crosses - Daniel04-23-23
The Eldership - Daniel04-23-23
The purpose of things written in this book  - Guy04-16-23
The Desire for Service - Daniel04-16-23
What is your life built upon - Daniel04-09-23
Edifying One Another  - Guy04-02-23
Submission to God - Jake03-26-23

Make the most of today - Daniel03-19-23
Will God Put On You More Than You Can Handle - Daniel03-12-23
We Should be Zealous - Daniel03-12-23
Sunday’s coming- Buc Chumbley03-08-23
Dragon proofing your children - Buc Chumbley03-07-23
Sodom 2023 - Buc Chumbley03-06-23
Seeking the Lost - Buc Chumbley03-05-23
God’s Broken Heart - Buc Chumbley03-05-23
Why David - Daniel02-26-23
Having a form of Godliness - Daniel02-26-23
Revive us Again - Guy02-19-23
The Zeal of thine house has eaten me up - Daniel02-19-23
Why should I be a Christian - Daniel02-12-23
His Commandments are not Burdensome - Daniel02-12-23
Almost Persuaded - Guy02-05-23
Being a Christian when no one is looking - Daniel01-29-23
The Spiritual Filter - Daniel01-29-23
What Hinders Prayers - Daniel01-22-23
The Eye Test - Daniel01-22-23
Will we know one another in Heaven? - Guy01-15-23
Consider Saul of Tarsus - Daniel01-15-23
In This Manner Therefore Pray - Daniel01-08-23
Five First Steps to Success - Daniel01-08-23
A New Beginning - Guy01-01-23

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